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We offer a wide variety of journals because we want everyone to be able to express their gratitude however they choose. For some that is doodling or sketching whatever is in their heart, while for others it means filling out a journal. Some people like to carry their journals with them (the 8-week edition fits nicely in a bag or purse) while others prefer to leave it on the nightstand and fill it in before bed (Hello 16 week edition).

We didn't want any left-handed people to feel left out, so most of our journals are also available in a left-handed version.

We offer:

Gratitude Series: Because sometimes it's easy to forget the little things, you are prompted with daily questions.

Just for Today Series: this was created to help those in recovery with their daily inventories...to see gratitude in each day.

Travel Series: This includes a travel journal as well as Bucket Lists for either 50 or 100 items.

Weight Loss Series: Again, here you not only given space to write down what you eat, but are prompted with daily questions to help you reach your goal.

Thug: This is for those individuals that are grateful but have a potty mouth.



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