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Mala Bracelet, Rosewood and Gemstone

  • 1200

Made in Nepal from rosewood beads and a single amber bead. Rosewood is especially sought after for magnetizing mantras, this means to draw in protection, teachings, love, etcetera. Amber is good for increasing mantras which serve to increase knowledge, life span and so on. It is also a colour of the mind which represents hope and creativity. This bracelet is finished with a Tibetan snakeknot for good blessings.

It has been found that when calm and relaxed, people will breathe approximately 21 breathes in two minutes; this is the basis behind the 21 bead Mala. Use this bracelet to plan the amount of time to meditate without looking at a clock or using a timer.

Mala bracelets make wonderful sacred jewelry that appeals to men or women. A mala is a tool for being mindful. It can be used to count repetitions of a mantra, a yoga pose or to set an amount of time for meditation. This form of counting allows one to focus rather than counting repetitions.

In translation, japa means repetitive prayer and mala means garland. The beads are used to count repetitions of prayers, chants or mantras. One repetition is usually said for each bead while turning the bead clockwise with the thumb.

There are many types of mantras and styles of counting. Research is recommended to find the style that works for each individual.

A good mantra to get started with is Om Mani Padme Hum which essentially stands for universal compassion.

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