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Gemstone Necklace

  • 2400

Crystal/gemstone necklace -Citrine (wire wrapped or electroplated) or Amethyst (electroplated)

The necklace is a 24", nickel-free alloy diamond cut curb style with spring ring clasp. Lead free.

Ask about custom necklace cards.

Available in:

Amethyst: Known for its healing powers, it has the ability to attract spiritual energies and calm restless thoughts. Because it provides peace of mind, it is a good stone for meditation and to promote serene dreams.

Citrine: Clarifies our thoughts making it easier to find a sense of direction in life. Builds self-worth, optimism and cheerfulness by dissolving negative energies. Carrying the power of the sun, it is excellent for overcoming depression, fears and phobias. It is also believed that the yellow colour promotes creativity.

These crystals are natural so please allow for any imperfections. Pieces may not be exactly as shown, I will intuitively select the pieces for you.

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