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Bucket List 50 Items

  • 1000

114 pages (2 pages per item)

This bucket list offers 50 numbered spaces for you to fill in.

Don't forget to include any items you've already completed. Have you already been to one of your dream destinations? Include it here so you will remember it forever. You are provided with one page of questions and one lined page for all of the exciting details. (The lines appear dotted in the graphic on the left, but they are solid lines)

Let this journal be your companion as you make your way through your list. Make notes as you make memories.

For the left-handed edition (available through Amazon), the lined pages for free writing have been moved to the left hand side.

Both editions are also available directly through Amazon:  (Right-Handed)                   (Right-Handed) (Left-Handed)                       (Left-Handed) (Right-Handed)               (Left-Handed)



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