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Peace and Harmony Set, tumbled gemstones and bracelet

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Looking for more peace and harmony? We have just the set of gemstones for you.

The set is available with:

1. Just Gemstones
2. Gemstones & Braclet

Amazonite: A calming stone believed to dispel negative energy and improve confidence. It is also called the stone of courage.

Rhodonite: Helps calm the soul, express confidence and put the opinions of others in perspective. Also an excellent protective stone.

Light Smoky Quartz: Helps to live in the present moment. Good for organizational skills, it clears up miscommunications, opens up the paths of perception. Can assist in overcoming grief and despair, allowing healing, reconciliation and a sense of joy. It is also an excellent stone for removing negativity and is very protective and grounding. (* Please note, this is a light smoky quartz)

If chosen, this set also includes a Rhodonite bracelet that is approximately 7" diameter (18 cm), made with stretch cord for an easy fit.

Enjoy all three of these beautiful gemstones and bracelet to aid in experiencing more peace and harmony.

Before you start working with crystals and gemstones, they should be cleansed. There are several ways to cleanse crystals, the ones I use most frequently are:

1. Move your crystal back and forth through the smoke of burning sage (or piece of Palo Santo)
2. Place your crystal on a slab of Selenite for a few hours
3. Use Tingsha bells to cleanse the crystals through sound

These crystals are natural so please allow for any imperfections. I will intuitively select the pieces for you.

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