Thug Journal

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155 pages (2 pages per day)

** Adult Content**

This journal is for the disgruntled individual—you know who you are. You need to write stuff down but don’t need a fluffy journal to get it done. Well, look no further. This journal is for you.

If you are offended by foul language—this is not the journal for you! I’m not even kidding. Stop looking now.

If you are still reading, then this one is for you. Use it however you want.

Each day has two pages; there is one lined page for any free writing and one page with daily prompts. There is also a Weekly Check-In page that allows you to review the previous week—use or don’t use it, I don’t really care.

For the left-handed edition, the lined pages for free writing have been moved to the left hand side.

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